...if i had my way ;)

Hoping not to miss out on my blessings from above lusting for life and love.

Sending emails to teachers

  • Me: Sounding extremely formal, using fancy words, correcting grammar and spelling at least 63 times.
  • Teacher: Ok lol thanxx :-)


When you hit the blunt before you go on the air… 

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You don’t deserve to have a person who only treats you nicely like 20% of the time so dont you dare settle for that.
You deserve someone who makes you feel wanted and loved and someone who appreciates all the little things you do and holds your hand anytime you need them to and scratches your back without you having to ask them to..
Don’t you dare settle for any less.

—You dont deserve to be treated badly and not get the affection back that you are giving, I hope someone makes you really happy and you should settle for no less than someone who does. (via i-am-im-me-x)

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